Class: Mastery Course in Civic Technology Design   Date: Jan - Jun 2017  Category: UX Research and Design


The city of Ferndale had an invisible problem - there is generally not a way for residents to report close calls or near accidents when they try to share the road with other cars as a bicyclist or with other bicyclists as a driver. 41% of people reported having a close call in the last week. Cyclists reported feeling a lot of danger and anxiety. The City of Ferndale is also making so many improvements to its bicycling infrastructure, including larger bike lanes and bike parking lots, but they have no way of getting feedback from its citizens. 


Our team provided a texting service to help Ferndale residents report close calls or road hazards as they share the road with other bicyclists, pedestrians, or drivers. The City of Ferndale needed a way to understand how their infrastructure improvements have been impacting people's transportation. By allowing people to report their incident and allowing them to pinpoint it on a map, the texting service provides valuable data points for Ferndale City Planners. Our partnership lasted the entire semester of Fall 2016. 

This solution is accessible to all people, even those who don't have a smart phone. This solution also proved to be most sustainable for a smaller city like Ferndale, who does not have the robust IT resources to maintain an app to endure the numerous software updates in its lifetime. This service will provide specific data points for city planners to make any decisions and policies related to the bicycling and alternative transportation infrastructure. 


We applied all parts of the design process, including user research for discovery, stakeholder interviews, brainstorming and ideation, affinity wall mapping of different issues and solutions, wireframing, medium fidelity mockups, usabiilty testing, and product development.