Class: Pervasive Interaction Design  Date: Sept - Dec 2016  Category: Interaction Design, UX Research, & Product Management

HyCube: Smart Home Tech

HyCube is a smart home technology system that allows people living with roommates to monitor the cleanliness of their spaces within their homes. Through the use of image sensors, contextualized tile displays, and a mobile app, users are able to get notifications when a bacteria or too much dust is detected. HyCube also allows them to coordinate and allocate cleaning tasks. 

This project is currently in progress for a class. Stay tuned for the final product, but here are some milestones that you can follow to see our motivations and goals, our research and design process, and our many ideation and brainstorming sessions. Our final product is an Arduino prototype with image sensors, a functional mobile app, and a contextualized tile display. 

Milestone 1:

Milestone 2:

Milestone 2.5:

Milestone 3:

Milestone 4:

Milestone 5: