I performed usability studies on the GoToMeeting Free mobile app experience. The goals of the study included:

  • Validate the designs of the GoToMeeting Free iOS app and how that integrates with the current mobile meeting experience
  • Help identify potential usability issues
  • Evaluate whether users can recognize and enable certain features like screen sharing, enabling webcams, and inviting people to a meeting


  • Participants were asked to start a meeting and invite two new co-workers on the G2M Free iPhone app prototype
  • Conducted an hour long remote session with 5 participants on Sept 20-25, 2014


  • Starting a meeting was confusing, as the start button looked more like a banner than a button. Illustrated the lack of clear affordances
  • Participants did not expect to be automatically muted when joining a meeting
  • Participants expected to be notified when their attendees had arrived.
  • There was uncertainty on who was sharing their screen. Pointed to the need for clearer affordances.
  • Participants reported being overwhelmed by the instructional dialog for re-enabling their webcam if they accidentally dismissed this option.