Superbas: A Sunlight Exposure Tracker

Class: Personal Informatics Design  Date: Jan - Jun 2017  Category: Interaction Design and User Experience Research

What It IS

By visualizing the amount of sunlight exposure, Superbas inspires behavior change. It encourages users by giving concrete incentives to go outside and spend time in the sun.  


User interviews with five graduate students revealed that people were not only concerned about not getting enough sunlight but getting too much as well and increasing their risk to skin cancer. 

Sunlight is a mood booster and helps with circadian rhythm.
— User participant #1
Sunburns contribute to a high risk of skin cancer
— User participant #2
If there was something social to do, I’d go outside.
— User participant #3
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 7.47.21 AM.png


  • Provide salient notifications and suggestions on how to get more sunlight
  • Help people track the correlation between their mood and sunlight exposure

Track SunLight Exposure

  • Ensure that you're getting just the right amount with the sun meter
  • Earn or lose currency based on how you're doing on the sun meter
  • Have fun playing a collaborative game that encourages teamwork and motivates people to spend time outside with others
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