Program: Alternative Spring Break  Date: Feb 2016 (only 1 week)  Category: Interaction Design, User Research, & Project Management

For a week long service project in Washington DC, Yidi Hong and I iteratively designed a dashboard and a web portal that displayed the metrics of non-traditionally trained candidates to employers in the tech industry. Our prototype is available here

For a step by step breakdown of our process, you can view the presentation here.  


TechHire provides a national platform that connects employers with individuals who possess the skills and motivation to be successful employees, but whose nontraditional pathways to acquiring those skills too often render them invisible to traditional recruiting processes.

The project involved designing a dashboard that shows clearly the employer's relationship with TechHire's hiring channel. The dashboard displays the employer’s key recruiting metrics of interest for their purposes -- in an easily consumable graphical format and for information from employers to be captured.

Problem Statement

From initial interviews with stakeholders, we learned more about their expectations of a dashboard and were able to define the problem. The dashboard aims to solve the needs from both employers and TechHire.


  1. A dashboard that illustrates TechHire’s ability to attract talented people from diverse backgrounds efficiently

  2. A web portal that allows employers to add job postings, review candidates, and share hiring needs ahead of time

  3. A space for TechHire to collect feedback from employers on individual employees


Design Process

We brainstormed to come up with the first version of dashboard. We added a global side navigation that allows people to go from the dashboard, edit the job description and requirements, and return to looking at the profiles of people whom they have hired through TechHire. 

At the top, we’ve decided to indicate higher-level data. We recommended allowing employers to toggle between the monthly and yearly data to identify trends. Monthly and yearly timeframes were chosen, as they are large enough to illustrate any overall trends.

We iterated on the dashboard based on the feedback from stakeholders.

Dashboard metrics selected: The original diagrams were replaced with "Time to Hire", "Cost to Hire" diagrams to show TechHire hiring channel's competitiveness and the background of TechHire candidates to show the diversity of candidates; The top-level metrics were reorganized according to the priority of importance as indicated by employers.

Navigation bar renamed and restructured: The current company name and employer role should be indicated; combine prospective candidates and current employees hired through TechHire under People tab; add "View posted jobs" and "Share hiring needs" to "Add a Job" tab.